The cable route shown in a blue neon colour on top of a aerial photo of the Hartpury campus

Project Background

Future Proofing Campus Infrastructure: With plans for growing student numbers further, and driving Hartpury’s move towards sustainability, there was a need to upgrade the electrical power input to future proof the campus.

New facilities to power

The key developments increasing power usage completed across the campus, include a new catering facility, a 350-space car park for student and sporting events, and a new University Learning Hub, currently under construction.

Following a review of existing electrical infrastructure and its capacity to serve the proposed 2019 Hartpury Vitruvius Masterplan, it was found by Hydrock Consultants, that electrical supply would fall very short of forecasted requirements.

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  • The cable route shown in a blue neon colour on top of a aerial photo of the Hartpury campus
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By upgrading outdated infrastructure we are future proofing the campus to enable the shift towards sustainable energy sources.

Our role in the project

Future Proofing Campus Infrastructure

With a limited power capacity from the existing National Grid Electricity distribution network, extra power was channelled directly from the nearest power station in the town of Newent, 8km away, and then distributed across the campus via substations across the Hartpury Campus.

The project was managed by splitting the project into two major phases, an internal campus phase and an external phase.


The External Phase

The external phase was managed by National Grid. Cables were run 8km underground from Newent, into the farm area of the campus. This stage included an organised, phased traffic management plan during the roadworks stages.


The Internal Phase

The internal phase was managed by Vitruvius Management Services, split into multiple mini phases. The Vitruvius team carried out a huge amount of co-ordination with the Hartpury departments to avoid disruption and disturbance. Planning around the educational and events calendar, including an important exam period and the annual European Equine event.


Future Proofing Campus Infrastructure – The Key Facts

  • Cabling comes direct from a substation 8km away
  • 7 substations installed on campus
  • Avoided disruptions at major events, including the European Equine event
  • Co-ordinated power shutdowns
  • Power increase to 3.75mva
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