Project Background

A carpark solution

Hartpury’s original car parking area, which was located adjacent to the Sports Academy, was small in capacity and subsequently led to vehicles circulating around the campus to seek alternative parking.

Our brief was to provide a carpark solution, most importantly to cope with all the major events hosted by Hartpury. To be in a suitable location for visitors, students and staff to all access easily.

The car park is a key part of the £20m Forest of Dean Levelling Up Fund.  Hartpury teamed up with the Forest of Dean District CouncilCinderford Town Council and Mark Harper MP to successfully secure funding from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

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A new car park that aids traffic management throughout the campus and add electric vehicle charging points.

Our role in the project

Vitruvius Led through the whole project duration - from pre-construction to handover

We have designed and created a carpark solution that is one new central car park. This has increased carparking capacity to 1604 in total with an additional 264 spaces across the Hartpury University and Hartpury College campus. Our client Hartpury were able to tidy up car parking across the site and provide good pedestrian links to nearby departments.


Key advantages of the new car park:

  • EV- Charging points made available to sustainability future proof the car park
  • Enables better control of public vehicles from the many events
  • Visitors are directed straight to the new parking area from the site entrance
  • Reduced traffic movement on site- visitors are deterred from the trip up the main long driveway
  • Replacement of the 89 displaced spaces from Rudgeley Car Park for the development of a new Graze Dining and Catering Hub.


In keeping with the landscape

Discreet location – The site area is only visible from a very limited number of viewpoints, which over time will be screened by new woodland planting. Planting will also screen existing sports paraphernalia of rugby posts, the white arch and the relocated driving range from the most external viewpoints. Location was chosen so it has no effect on the important historic assets or views from Hartpury House.

Hartpury news- Improving Traffic Management


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