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Project Background

Vitruvius led the build for the new Tech Box Park. A new modular construction, digital innovation agri-tech project.

The Tech Box Park development has enabled Hartpury University to have the correct built environment giving the drive of productivity and competitiveness in the agricultural and land-based industries.

The Tech Box Park facility function serves as flexible workspace for a new digital innovation agri-tech project. The project is for high growth SMEs who already operate within the agri-tech sector. The centre facilitates research, development and testing of new products and the improvement of existing products.

As part of Hartpury’s ambition to be leaders in shaping the future of digital farming, and in line with the technological future-facing nature of the centre the environmental impact was a key factor in constructing the development from the beginning.

Modular construction was the right choice to fit the limited budget and to decrease the build program, compared with traditional building. This allowed Hartpury to use the facilities as soon as possible.
This project is one of many that supports Hartpury’s goal to create a Digital Innovation Farm that will become a state-of-the-art complex and the National Centre for Agricultural Data Management by 2030.

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We’re building an exciting future for our students and industry partners. The launch of the Tech Box Park forms the much-anticipated second phase of our pioneering Digital Innovation Farm to meet the global demand for new technology in farming.

Russell Marchant

Former Vice-Chancellor of Hartpury University

Our role in the project

Vitruvius led the design, co-ordination, development, delivery and qualification of this Tech Box Park, an exciting Agri-Tech Modular Construction, supporting Hartpury’s reputation as a globally renowned leading educational establishment.

The Tech Box Park is an Agri-Tech Modular Construction build achieved SKA Gold rating

Due to the modular construction of the build the SKA rating was selected as an environmental assessment method. SKA is a benchmark and standard for non-domestic fit outs. Different to tools that assess the environmental impact of whole buildings, such as BREEAM.

The SKA rating comprises 104 good practice measures across eight areas of sustainability: energy use, carbon dioxide emissions, materials, waste, water, wellbeing, pollution, transport. SKA is led and owned by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Designed and manufactured by an award-winning supplier of modular buildings, the Cube Tech Box units were created using environmentally friendly, repurposed shipping containers clad in sustainable cedar wood.


Funding was provided from GFirst LEP’s Getting Building Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and the Elizabeth Creak Charitable Trust. This firmly establishes the next phase of Hartpury’s Digital Innovation Farm ‘accelerator’ initiative, which includes their recently launched Agri-Tech Centre.


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