Project Background

Vitruvius was appointed by Gloucester City Council to manage the overall project, construction and cost of a mercury abatement programme at Gloucester Crematorium.

New legislation in mercury abatement detailed that by 2012 all UK Crematoria needs to reduce Mercury emissions by 50% moving towards zero emissions by 2020.

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The key thing for any Local Authority is to get value for money and Vitruvius achieved that through budgetary savings and effective management of risk

Gloucester City Council

Gloucester Crematorium

Our role in the project

Project, Construction and Commercial Management

The project involved taking the roof off the back of the crematorium, installing a new filtration plant and sliding roof and renewing all roads and footpaths throughout the site.  Components and services were sourced from all over Europe.

The Council used the upgrade of the Crematorium as an opportunity to create an innovative tea room and wake facility, which both generates funds and helps retain business as the Crematorium now offers a complete funeral package.  Alongside the wake facility, a stunning water feature and oak structure to cover flowers and wreaths was also built.


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