Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust Volunteering


Where We Volunteer

Snows Farm Nature Reserve and Swift Hill, Stroud, Gloucestershire.


What We Do and Why

Our employees contribute their time to check stock of hardy cattle breeds, put out to graze on the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trusts reservations. We are part of a rota of volunteers who checked the animals covering most of the day of the week.

The main duties include ensuring the water sources are accessible and full and cattle welfare checks.

The cattle grazing on the reservation increases the diversity of the local ecology by keeping the grass down and so enabling new plant species to grow, in turn the whole wildlife diversity increases.

These nature reserve areas are important to reconnect areas of wildlife across the country. The cattle are owned by local graziers, so GWT trust saves on cattle cost and on staff cost for land maintenance as the cattle’s grazing fosters the true way of nature. The cattle live a wild happy life, classified as organic if sent to market, while helping to restore the local ecology. A mutual benefit.


Evidence of Success

There has already been an increase of insect and plant species, which is wonderful evidence that we are part of positive change for our future and the future of our planet.


Staff Wellbeing

Volunteering also importantly benefits our staff, including mental and physical health, we love being out in nature and are excited to see the cattle- we are very lucky to be checking the cuddly looking, characterful Belted Galloway and handsome Redpole cattle breads at two separate reserves – and so what’s not to love?!



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