The Future of the Fitness Industry


Swedish-born trendspotter and futurologist, Magnus Lindkvist predicts an exciting time ahead for the fitness industry, in fact he says it will be more exciting that the last three decades put together.

“In the last three decades it was a continuum. We saw more and more people become engaged and go to fitness clubs. We went from serious bodybuilders in very manly clubs to a more feminine, cool, hip nightclub-like atmosphere – sometimes in a budget environment, sometimes in a premium model – but physically going to a health club was the thing.

“Now for the first time we see what life could be without clubs. Because a fitness club is essentially one thing: packaged knowledge. A machine is packaged knowledge. A personal trainer is packaged knowledge. The club and how it’s laid out is packaged knowledge. And similarly an app is packaged knowledge. So you can get it from a person, an app or a room – it doesn’t really matter, as long as you get the knowledge.”

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