Is PSBP fit for purpose?


In an evidence session of the education select committee he claimed that it was ‘probably the worst experience I’ve ever had as a headteacher’.  According to Schools Week, Mr Seager told the committee there had been “significant problems” with the delivery of his school’s PSB project and the quality of the work.

You can view the full session by clicking on this link

Although we can’t comment on the project or construction management details of this particular case, and the PSBP has seen many successfully completed projects since it was first launched, the appointment of a project manager to work alongside an in house team can only be a good thing.  Appointing a project manager at the very beginning of a project creates a structured, positive environment in which every member of the project team is able to deliver the best result, by appointing a project manager with experience in the education sector gives schools an added advantage from the outset.  We have worked with a number of schools to help them deliver successful, high quality construction solutions and have built a strong network of architects and contractors who understand the unique aspects these types of project.  To see our experience in education please take a look at our case studies.

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