Every little really does help to reduce carbon emissions


Recycling initiatives that have been carried out during the construction of the main infrastructure works for a the new CGX Connect Business Park for clients Gloucestershire Airport, indeed add up.


100% of disused runway crushed for reuse

The new road for the business park is built over a disused runway, 100% of this has been crushed and re-used within the projects.

100% of the old taxiway has been crushed and re-used withing the project. This saved 416 lorry movements resulting in a saving of 1660m3 of material being delivered to site. Reducing carbon in emissions and reducing carbon congestion on the local highway


Trees used for energy

Trees that were cut down have been sent turned into energy an energy plant and turned into energy for the community.


Dedicated separate skips ensure maximum waste is being reused and recycled.



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