Construction project - would you do it again?


Researching into the right contractors, keeping an eye on them, juggling work, budgets, time plans and the inevitable problems that crop up, take their toll.  Those that are happy to go down the construction path again, normally add the caveat ‘but with the help of a Project Manager’.

Of course on large commercial projects the appointment of a Construction Project Manager is essential.  When you’re dealing with budgets in £100’s of thousands or millions the construction process needs to work like a well-oiled clock.  Someone needs to have their finger firmly placed on the pulse of the project, understanding every process, streamlining work, centralising communication, planning and co-ordinating contractors, quality control and budgets.

So what does a good Construction Project Manager do?

A good Construction Manager is like the glue holding every part of the construction process together. At Vitruvius, we like to work with our clients at the very start of a project before contractors or architects are appointed and well before any work on site begins.  This allows us to get a real feel for what the client is hoping to achieve and to understand the objectives behind the project.   For example, if a client is adding a large extension onto an existing site to cope with future demand, we work with them to ensure the planned project will meet all their future business needs.  Is it in the right place?  Is it big enough? Will it allow for future growth? Is it actually needed or would configuration of the existing premises create the space required?  We work with you to ensure your planned project actually meets the vision you have. We call it our ‘business first’ approach.

The Right Team

Once we are clear on these objectives we start to tailor a team that’s absolutely right for your project.  If you’re building an extension to a school, we make sure the team meets the criteria and has all the relevant skills and experience.

Saving Time & Cost

If you’re concerned about the extra cost appointing a project manager will add to your overall budget, don’t be, a good construction project manager will reduce overall project costs, usually well in excess of their fees, through competitive bidding, contract negotiation, value engineering, reduced change orders, reduction in time, and elimination of unnecessary scope and cost.

A Trusted Partner

Because Vitruvius are members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors as well as a Chartered Building Company and Association of Project Managers, you can trust in their ability to get the job done, on time, on budget and to all regulated health & safety standards, taking the pressure off and keeping you in control at all times.


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