What we do

Define, Manage, Deliver

Through our combination of Project, Cost and Construction Management services, we provide you with one complete solution throughout the lifecycle of your construction project.

We work with you to define your key objectives for the project, lead and manage the entire construction process from start to finish and deliver your project on time and on budget. ​

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    • Expert Witness

      We can be engaged to undertake the role of Expert Witness, providing independent, impartial and unbiased evidence, based on our experience and knowledge in the construction industry. Understanding our responsibilities and utilising our technical expertise, we are able to represent the court, or clients and their advisors.   

    • Commercial Accounting

      We offer our clients a proven track record for administering interim certification payments, preparing financial statements for the resolution and settlement of the final account.    

    • Fund Monitoring

      We act as fund monitors on behalf of our clients, to identify key issues and, importantly, to offer solutions throughout the project process. We liaise with banks, their lawyers and valuers at every stage of a project.

      During the construction phase we then monitor compliance with the terms of the loan facility and contract requirements and proactively keep the funder informed, particularly of any changes to the risk profile throughout the build period, through our regular progress reports which report on the status of key development issues.

    • Project Delivery Plan

      From the outset of a project we work with our clients to better understand the outcomes of their project. Once this is understood we carefully plan and develop a procurement strategy which includes the appropriate form of consultant appointment documents, construction contracts, trade contracts and warranty documentation that supports these desired outcomes, reduces risk, and maximises project value.

    • Design Management

      We recognise a key element of project success is through the management and co-ordination of the professional design and consultant team. Vitruvius is experienced in utilising various project management tools to deliver a collaborative and fully integrated design solution.

    • Risk & Opportunity Management

      Risks, issues and delays derail a project and impact upon successful completion. We manage the risk on behalf of our client through risk integration, using it as an opportunity to create a framework for project innovation. Our approach is to implement a series of risk assessment methodologies throughout a project's lifecycle, facilitating real time decision making and quality control, safeguarding project cost and time deliverables.

    • Programme Management

      Acting as programme manager, Vitruvius will take the responsibility for co-ordinating a projects outputs and capabilities, in order to deliver project benefits. We provide a structured framework to co-ordinate, communicate, align, manage and control the activities, to aid successful delivery. Our approach to programme management is to provide our clients with proactive monitoring of progress, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action where required.

    • Tender Management & Negotiation

      Our approach to tender management is to fully consider the desired outcome of the project before you procure. We will support our clients in developing the right procurement strategy and setting a solid foundation of comprehensive planning and robust management. This includes advising and co-ordinating the development of appropriate tender documentation, pre-qualification and short listing of building contractors, managing the clarification process and qualifying tenders. Using our vast experience and knowledge of the built environment, we support our clients in achieving best value outcomes.       

    • Principal Contractor

      The client must appoint a Principal Contractor for each notifiable project under the CDM Regulations. Vitruvius can undertake the role of the principal contractor to properly plan, manage and co-ordinate the works to ensure the safe management of the site. This process starts during the pre-construction phase where we can develop the construction sequencing with the design team to minimise the clients exposure to health & safety and environmental risks.

    • Construction Monitoring

      We provide a construction monitoring service to facilitate quality control and programme assessment. Periodic inspections and reporting are undertaken throughout the construction phase.

    • Quality Management

      Our Quality Management service provides clients with the assurance that construction works are controlled and completed, meeting all contract requirements.

    • CDM Advisor

      Vitruvius is fully able to advise on CDM Regulations at any point throughout a project. Whilst the client has the overall responsibility for their project, we have the skills, knowledge, experience and training to undertake the Principal Designer/Contractor roles and duties, or to advise on health and safety requirements and best practice.

    • Cost Planning

      We offer cost planning services from project feasibility, all the way through to handover. Our cost management software assures clients that the project costs will be controlled, and budget allocation optimised.

    • Quantity Surveying

      Our team has extensive experience of providing expert cost management advice to clients, across all market sectors. We provide flexible monthly accounting and efficient cost reporting at all stages of a project, as well as procurement and tendering advice. Through effective commercial management we seek to minimise the costs and enhance the value of delivery.

    • Contract Administration

      We act as contract administrator on behalf of our clients to successfully manage the execution of a project's building contract.

      Our forward-thinking approach and attention to detail ensures that construction phase delivery is well co-ordinated, planned and managed. We have the knowledge and skills to understand contractual provisions and know how to apply them, in addition to our role of determining applications, authorising payments, settling final account.

    • Procurement & Contract Advice

      From the outset of a project we work with our clients to better understand the outcomes of their project, once this is understood we carefully plan and develop a procurement strategy which includes the appropriate form of consultant appointment documents, construction contracts, trade contracts and warranty documentation that supports these desired outcomes, reduces risk, and maximises project value.

    • Value Engineering

      We recognise that an integral part of the project process is to implement a collaborative team approach to value engineering. Value engineering is used to solve problems and identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality.  We aim to increase the value of building elements, satisfying the product’s performance requirements, by adopting the most cost-effective solutions.

If you’re concerned about the extra cost appointing Vitruvius will add to your overall budget, don’t be, through competitive bidding, contract negotiation, value engineering, reduced change orders and reduction in build time, we normally reduce overall project costs well in excess of our fees.

"Our ability to put a plan together and to deliver the required outcomes for the project is based on us being able to recognise the skills that are required and to build a delivery team specifically for that project."

Read more about our approach

Providing commercial and project management support to Fitness First, Stroud

Vitruvius made sure the works complied with planning conditions and brought in an associate consultant who specialises in leisure developments to ensure that the acoustic specification between the gym and neighbouring multiplex cinema was correct. As it turned out the proposed specification form the landlord would not have been up to the correct specification which could have led to operational issues for the gym.

Vitruvius gave us peace of mind, and ensured a truly professional outcome.
Adam Phillips Anytime Fitness Owner, Stroud